NAJAF | 3月25日绿色金融学术前沿第八期Seminar预告






报告Green Finance, Economic- and Environmental-performance Pressures, and Green-washing in the Chinese High-Carbon Industry

主讲人: Najaf Iqbal



As technological progress aimed at realizing resource conservation and environmental protection, green technology innovation is an important driving force for green and high-quality development. How to measure green technology innovation? Is the Porter Hypothesis valid in China's environmental regulation? The research perspective of this paper focuses on the Clean Air Action Plan, the paradigmatic environmental regulation in China. Based on the patent data and classification, China's green innovation activities are measured from the two dimensions of quantity and quality. Using the program evaluation method suggested by Hsiao et al. (2012), this paper assessed the impact of the Clean Air Action Plan on green technology innovation by constructing a counterfactual framework. The estimation results show that environmental regulation has boosted the incentive of green technology innovation activities. But in both statistics and economic magnitude, the promotion effect on patent quality is significantly smaller than that on patent quantity. Further analysis shows that policy effect is heterogenous in different scopes, and the quantitative and qualitative improvement is only embodied in green patents of waste management. The findings of this paper will provide a sustainable development path for countries in similar situations.



Dr. Najaf Iqbal is currently employed as a Longhu Scholar by Anhui University of finance and economics. He has professional experience as a banker, insurer, teacher and self-employed businessman. His research interests include corporate innovation, financial leverage, cryptocurrencies, financial contagion and economic recovery from COVID19. His works have appeared in reputed SSCI and SCI journals with Q1 and ABS-3 level rankings including International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Environmental Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Research, Environment Development and Sustainability, Air Quality Atmosphere and Health, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems. Currently, his works are under review in various reputed journals of rank SSCI-Q1 and ABS-3.

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